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This could be a service page, product page, or blog post. Basically any page you want to rank high.

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Our Bedford SEO audits are instant and usually take about 45-60 seconds to complete.

Fix your bad SEO signals and then rescan.

Once you have fixed your bad SEO signals, rescan the page and see if your score improved. The higher your site score, the higher your site will rank.

Enter a keyword you want your page to rank for.

Enter one keyword, e.g. Bedford, that you want your landing page to rank for. Keep in mind, you can audit your landing pages for different keywords later.

Review your SEO audit and look for good and bad SEO signals.

The SEO audit shows an overall score, your rankings and how well your page is optimised for the keyword you entered, e.g. Bedford. It will display the good SEO signals in green and bad SEO signals in red!

If you’re looking for greater lead generation and increased visitors to your Bedford website, but you’re not sure how to go about SEO and Digital Marketing? Then you have come to the right place! We can help increase rankings & drive traffic! So…simply follow the instructions below to generate your SEO report



Bedford SEO SCAN audits specific web pages or landing pages for any targeted key word or phrase. Many SEO audit tools make the mistake of trying to audit the whole site, and Google and Bing etc ranks web pages not websites, that's what sets our Bedford SEO audit apart.

Both Page Authority and Domain Authority from Moz

Provides Google Page Speed, which is a strong SEO ranking signal

Many technical aspects, such as sitemap.xml and robots.txt etc

Lists your top keywords used on your site

Checks if your site is mobile friendly or not

Your social links on your site…and a lot more!

And then delivers your SEO Audit direct to your inbox, completely FREE

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Latest SEO News

SEO hints, tips and how to guides, plus the latest in Google and Bing changes that will effect your Bedford business ranking

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  • When it comes to management of an eCommerce website, search engine ranking and management soon becomes far more important.

  • One of the most challenging parts of search engine mastery is managing the style of ranking local SEO works by. Getting beyond the basics of search engine

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SEO is not just about keywords and meta tags, but about website analysis, content creation, social media marketing and much more! So if you need help optimising your Bedford website to improve your SEO ranking, please get in touch!